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Cut Line preview

The Silhouette Studio® software (V3.0 and higher) provides the ability to cut images by line color in the basic version, and additionally by layer in the Designer Edition version.

The option to preview cut lines and emphasize them in a Cut Preview mode is built into the Cut Settings and Send to Silhouette panels. As you arrive at either of these panels, the software will switch from the general Design Preview mode and enter a Cut Preview mode showing the cut lines emphasized.

A toggle switch to change between these modes can be found in the upper right-hand corner of both the Cut Settings and Send to Silhouette panels:

Clicking on the solid triangle will toggle to the regular Design Preview mode:

Clicking on the outline triangle will toggle to the Cut Preview mode:

There are two Cut Modes:  Standard and Advanced

If using the Standard mode, you will find the option to select any object individually to set a No Cut, Cut Edge, Cut, Perforate Edge, or Perforate option. This cut style will apply only to images as they are selected.

The Advanced mode allows you to cut by line color or fill color. If running the Designer Edition version, you can also opt to cut by layer.

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