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Layers support (Designer Edition)

The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software (V3.0 and higher) supports layers. To access the layers panel, you can go to the Edit Layers menu option, or click on the Layers icon located along the bottom of the software screen:

The Layers panel will open as a half-panel on the right-hand side of the screen, which will enable you to work with any other software tool while still being able to view your layers and make any desired adjustments.

To expand the Layers panel into a full panel mode, you can click on the up arrows shown at the top right-corner. If expanded, you can collapse the panel again by clicking on the down arrows in the same location. The “X” icon will close the panel completely.

To create new layers, you can either right-click and select to add layer, or you can click on the “+” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel.

Objects can be sorted into a layer by selecting the desired object (by either clicking on the object itself to highlight the layer object name or clicking on the object layer name in the panel) and then dragging and dropping into the desired layer.

Layers and objects can be renamed by double-clicking on the layer or object in question.

There are two icon options next to each layer:

  • You can click on either of these boxes to toggle the option on or off. The eye icon will toggle the layer from being viewable (when the eye is shown) or invisible (when the eye is not present). The lock icon will toggle the layer from being locked (when the lock is shown) or unlocked (when the lock is not present). Locking a layer will prevent it from being moved or adjusted.

Once you have your layers to your liking, you may then go to the Cut Settings panel to cut your document according to the layers:

Here, you can select your cut conditions by the layers present in the document. An example is shown below:

You can select the material type conditions for each layer option by clicking on the layer name and then clicking on the desired material selection below. If you desire to have the Silhoutte pause between layers with different material conditions, you can select a material and right-click to “Add Pause“. Doing so will add a pause after the selected material type so that the Silhouette stops before going on to the next layer.

If you desire to turn the layer off (so that it is not cut at all), you can un-check the checkmark box to the left of the layer name in question in the Cut Settings panel.

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