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Silhouette model comparisons

The Silhouette Portrait 2 and Cameo 3 models are two different machines offered by Silhouette America®.

The main difference is in size. The Silhouette Cameo® has a wider cutting area (12 inches maximum) compared to the Silhouette Portrait® model (8 inch maximum).

Both the Cameo 3 and Portrait 2 models offer the following:

  • AutoBlade compatible (included with purchase) to allow automated adjustment of your blade during cut job processing — No more worrying about manually adjusting your blade! The Portrait 2 will do it for you.
  • Deeper cutting ability of up to 2mm depth (requires Deep Cut Blade)
  • Ability to communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth® (Bluetooth adapter included with models sold in the US, Canada, and select regions of Europe)
  • An optical scanner for print & cut applications
  • Compatible with Silhouette Studio® allowing you to cut fonts and images from your PC or Mac®
  • Matless cutting option for adhesive-backed materials
  • Both models offer the same capabilities to cut the same material types (vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, etc)

The Cameo 3 offers the following features which the Portrait 2 does not:

  • 12″ width cutting area (with the ability cut an actual 12 inch rather than a 11.5 inch cutting area like other comparable machines)
  • Dual carriage to hold multiple tools for faster job processing (i.e. cut with a blade and sketch with a pen during the same job)
  • Adjustable pinch rollers and adjustable spring rollers to better secure loaded materials
  • USB slot to read and cut specially formatted files directly from a USB drive without being hooked up to a computer
  • LCD Touchscreen

Note: The above features may not be included with older Cameo or Portrait models.

Further information comparing these models may be found here.

We hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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