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Silhouette Cameo® 3 Overview

The Cameo 3 has several new features and updates from previous Cameo models. Among the updated feature are the following:

  • Newly designed machine body and touchscreen interface
  • Dual carriage to hold multiple tools for faster job processing (i.e. cut with a blade and sketch with a pen during the same job)
  • AutoBlade compatible (included with purchase) to allow automated adjustment of your blade during cut job processsing — No more worrying about manually adjusting your blade! The Cameo 3 will do it for you.
  • Deeper cutting ability of up to 2mm depth (requires Deep Cut Blade — Cameo 3 is now compatible with the deep cut blade whereas previous Cameo models are not)
  • Easier to adjust pinch rollers and adjustable spring rollers
  • Ability to communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth® (Bluetooth adapter included with models sold in the US, Canada, and select regions of Europe)
  • All consumables offered for previous Cameo and other Silhouette cutting machine models are compatible with the Cameo 3. This would include all blades, sketch pens, and cutting mats.

To get started using your Cameo 3, please visit here . You can click on Step 7: Learn to use your Silhouette machine to access the Manual and User Guide.

The following videos are also helpful:

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