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Rhinestone conversion tools (Designer Edition)

The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition provides the ability to convert images into rhinestone patterns for rhinestone sizes 6ss, 10ss, 16ss, and 20ss.

Rhinestone Options

To access this feature in the Designer Edition, go to the Object menu and select Rhinestones, or select the Rhinestone icon:


This panel will allow you to select the following options.

Rhinestone Effect

Rhinestone Options

None – Removes any rhinestone effect and reverts a converted image back into a regular line.
Edge – Provides a rhinestone path around the edge of of all lines present
Linear Fill – Fills the image with a fill type that is linear (a series of straight lines of rhinestones)
Radial Fill – Fill the image with a fill type that is radial (a circular series of rhinestone patterns starting from the outer edge and going inward)

Rhinestone Size

Rhinestone Size

Selecting a rhinestone size will immediately adjust your image to show the pattern with the selected size applied.

Rhinestone Spacing

Rhinestone Space

The spacing option allows you to adjust how close the rhinestones will be in your pattern. Lower values bring your rhinestones closer together and provide a higher level or detail, but increase the number of rhinestones needed for your image.

Draw Rhinestones

Rhinestone Draw

Select – Provides a shortcut to revert to a select cursor if other drawing tools have been selected
Single Click – Allows for the placement of single rhinestone circles in the selected rhinestone size in any desired location
Freehand – Provides the ability to draw a continuous line of rhinestones in the selected size

Release Rhinestones

This option will release the rhinestone pattern and allow you to move, delete, or otherwise manipulate individual parts of the rhinestone pattern you have created.

Rhinestone Count

Rhinestone Count

A counter is provided at the bottom of the rhinestone panel to show a live count of how many rhinestones of each size appear in your workspace.


  • All adjustments are shown live as they are made so you do not have to guess what your image is going to look like as you input different values or adjust the effect and size.
  • Unlike pre-made templates where the circle size is fixed and re-sizing is not possible, you may re-size images after they are converted and the program will keep the correct rhinestone size selected. Your image will simply be adjusted on the fly to re-calculate the necessary rhinestones for the image as it is being re-sized.
  • Not all images are designed to be able to be converted well, especially if they are smaller or more detailed. You may wish to re-size your image to a larger scale in order to achieve the desired result with such images.
  • You may wish to select the Fill Color option and select the color of rhinestone you are using in order to view your image in regard to how it may appear with the actual color rhinestones you will be using.
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