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PixScan™ and PixScan™ Mobile Overview

PixScan™ technology is a feature of the Silhouette cutting system that provides crafters and makers the ability to capture an image using a scanner or camera (including smartphones and tablets) and then import images directly into the Silhouette Studio® software in order to cut precisely around any pre-printed design.

The PixScan™ feature is found in all versions of the Silhouette Studio® software V3.1 and higher and requires the use of a PixScan™ Cutting Mat.

The PixScan™ algorithm allows your Silhouette to recognize registration marks which appear on the PixScan™ mat itself in order to cut your material preceisely as youve indicated on the associated image within software.

PixScan™ is ideal for:

  • Turning hand-drawn sketches and lettering into cut jobs
  • Digitizing patterns
  • Adding custom-cut borders and frames to professionally printed invitations
  • Replicating a pattern at its original size
  • Saving material and time using the Nesting (Designer Edition only) feature to place images to be cut within specially shapped materials
  • Incorporating printed images or patterns into your custom craft projects
  • Turning photos and other printed clippings into cut or sketch files
  • Cutting precisely around already existing printed or stamped images

PixScan™ is only intended to help digitize your original artwork and photos.

The PixScan™ mats are offered for the Portrait and Cameo models.

Please click here for further information, including a link to a demo video.

PixScan™ can be used as follows:

  1. Place your material onto the PixScan™ mat. The material must fit entirely inside the rectangular workspace border on the mat.
  2. You can capture an image of the mat and material using either a scanner or a digital camera
    1. With Scanner: Scan the entire PixScan™ mat with material in place. If necessary, you can perform multiple scans and the software will stitch the scans together automatically.
    2. With Camera: Set the PixScan™ mat on a flat surface. Take a photograph of the entire mat with material in place. The photograph can be taken straight-on or at a slight angle. Transfer the image onto your computer.
  3. Click the PixScan™ icon in the Silhouette Studio® software
    1. With Scanner: Click on the Scanner icon, then Import PixScan Image from Scanner
    2. With Camera: Click on the Camera icon, then Import PixScan Image from File
    3. Once imported properly, your software cutting mat will display as your PixScan cutting mat
  4. Add cut lines to your imported image as desired in Silhouette Studio®.
  5. Proceed to cut as usual.

Please click here for the PixScan™ Mobile manual.

This should walk you through the process of using this application and show you how to convert your images from the PixScan™ mat to be cut from the app.

The PixScan™ mats are only offered for the current Silhouette models (Portrait and Cameo). They are not compatible with the older original Silhouette or Silhouette SD models.

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