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Effects not supported by graphics card

If you are unable to see the Effects icon:


… please install the latest version of the software as this feature requires the use of Silhouette Studio® V3.3 or higher.

If you are already runnning the latest software version and can see the feature icon, but upon opening see an error message indicating that the feature is not available, this would indicate a concern with your computer’s graphics card.

The Effects feature is a way to change the visual display of raster images (like .PNG, .JPG, .BMP, and .GIF) by applying graphic effects like Color Inversion, Brightness, Contrast, Gray Shade, and others.

The Effects feature in Silhouette Studio® relies on your computer’s graphics card in order to provide the functionality for the ability to use these effects. In other words, Silhouette Studio® is borrowing the ability to change the color scheme of the images you see from your computer. If your computer doesn’t have the capability to provide these effects then you will see an error message instead of the different Effects options.

If you are being directed to this page from Silhouette Studio® it means that your computer doesn’t have the physical hardware needed to utilize the Effects feature. In order to use the Effects feature you would need to install a new graphics card for your computer, or use an alternate computer that has a graphics card to support the feature. If you desire to use this feature on a computer that is currently unable to display the feature options, we would recommend you consult a computer technician for further information regarding your specific computer and how to obtain and install a new graphics card.

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