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Cameo 4 Firmware Update

The Cameo 4 model provides a one-touch firmware update experience.  To verify your firmware is up to date, please perform the following steps:
  1. Install the Silhouette Studio software (version 4.3 or above), here
  2. Open Silhouette Studio and select the SEND menu
  3. Plug the power cable into the Cameo 4 machine and power on
  4. Connect the Cameo 4 to your computer with the USB cable provided
  5. Verify you are selected on the proper machine by clicking on the “Silhouette Devices” icon, and selecting the Cameo machine showing a USB symbol and “Available”

Available Machine

  1. You can verify your firmware version in this menu by noting the numbers to the right of the device
  2. Once selected, the Cameo 4 will connect and determine if you need a firmware update. Click “Update Now” if prompted.

Update Firmware

Do not disconnect or turn off your machine while updating. The Cameo 4 may restart, and the software will say “Ready” when the update is complete.

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