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Blade Concerns

If you are experiencing issues with the AutoBlade adjusting properly, please perform the following actions:

  • Ensure you are loading and locking the blade completely. If the blade is not fully seated before being locked into place, it will affect the blade’s ability to properly adjust. You can reference step 1 in our “4 Things to Remember about your Silhouette Cameo® 4″ video to confirm appropriate procedure.
  • If you are loading the blade properly and it still does not adjust, hold the Autoblade in one hand with the blade pointing up. With your free hand, attempt to turn the white cap on the top of the blade clockwise. This can be accomplished easily by inserting your finger nail in one of the two notches in the white cap and pushing or pulling in the appropriate direction. While the white cap should be secure, refrain from over tightening the tip.
  • Once you have determined the white cap is secure, press down on the white tip firmly, making sure to avoid pressing down on the blade itself, until the white cap is thoroughly depressed, and then release. Turn the AutoBlade so you can see the red line on the face of the blade move as you depress the white cap. Depress the white cap until you get the first click, and then release. Perform this action several times, verifying each time the red line ticks up to the next blade depth.

If continued concerns are met after performing these steps, please contact us for further assistance.

The blade’s lifespan is difficult to determine as it is largely determined by the following variable conditions:

  • Frequency of use
  • Overall line length for jobs performed
  • Intricacy of patterns (where the blade may turn corners more often)
  • Material type being cut

A general estimate for lifespan is about six months. As the above conditions will affect the blade, this is just an estimate. The blade’s lifespan can vary from as low as a few weeks to upwards of one year.

The Premium Blade is made of a Tunsgten Alloy that may extend the blade’s lifespan up to three times the life of the standard Blade, under normal cutting conditions. However, please note that the Premium Blade is not designed to cut materials that fall outside of the range of the regular blade. Attempts to cut denser material types will wear down the blade more quickly.

With any blade, attempts to cut certain materials the Silhouette may not be designed to cut that are more dense may ruin the blade or result in the blade dulling extremely fast.  Additionally, certain papers with bits or particles of foreign objects may immediately impair the blade.  We strongly recommend against cutting materials with additional foreign objects embedded into them which may harm the blade.

Replacement blades are available for purchase.

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