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Difference between Gift Cards and Download Cards

Silhouette America® offers two main areas where purchases can be transacted:

The Silhouette America® website offers physical and digital products (including both physical tools & consumables, as well as products that are issued digitally, such Gift Cards and Download cards, and software license keys for software upgrades). Please note that Gift Cards are valid toward purchases for products made on the Silhouette America® website. Credit from Gift Cards can be used to purchase Download Cards from our website.

The Silhouette Design Store offers download content that is intended for use with the Silhouette Studio® software program (including library image content to be cut, fill patterns for print & cut jobs, and fonts to provide different text style options). Credit from Download Cards can only be used toward the direct purchase of this download content. Credit from Download Cards cannot be used toward the purchase of subscriptions or products offered on the Silhouette America® website (including digital products, such as software license keys for software upgrades).

Gift Cards are valid toward purchases made on the Silhouette America® website. To purchase a Gift Card, visit here.

Gift Cards are redeemable during checkout in the shopping cart and apply to the order as a form of payment.

To place an order using a gift card:

  1. Visit
  2. Click SIGN IN in the upper-right corner
  3. Enter your login information for your Silhouette account
  4. Add desired items to your shopping cart
  5. Click on the Shopping Cart icon in the upper-right corner
  6. Enter the gift card code in the second box at the bottom of the cart page
  7. Click Apply Code
  8. Proceed with checkout

The following steps can be taken to view a purchased gift card code:

  1. Go to our website home page
  2. Sign into your account
  3. Click on the my account link in the upper right-hand side of the screen
  4. Select the order number for the gift card purchase
  5. Click on the link in the order for your code
  6. Proceed to print as desired

If you are unable to print for any reason, please press CONTROL F5 to refresh the page and then try to print anew.

If that is not successful, please proceed to try an alternate web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, etc) and then print again.

If you wish to send the code to another individual, you may opt to take a screen shot and then send the saved clipped shot of the code to the intended individual.

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